Hi, Friends!

A calming outing to one of Corpus Christi’s numerous beaches seems simple enough. The sandy beached, soothing sand between your toes and a drink in your hand, right? Most trips to the beaches of Padre and Mustang Island don’t require much more than that. Here are a few things you need to do and (not do) to ensure that you make the most of your Corpus Christi beach vacation.

Bring your dog along to play, but make sure you keep him on a leash and pick up after him/her, so they don’t leave an unpleasant surprise for the next beach goer. Remember, we all like to walk barefoot on the beach!

Don’t get caught without a beach parking permit. Permits are required on most Corpus Christi beaches – get yours at multiple locations around the Corpus Christi Area, including any Stripes Convenience Stores.

Enjoy a safe and legal beachfront campfire. However, the burn of pallets and lumber are not allowed…nails could be the result of a serious injury to you or your four-legged friend.

Please, leave the glass containers at home. Reusable bottles, cups or tumblers are best for the beach meaning, less trash for all! We want to keep our beaches beautiful and clean.

Now, for the favorite part of your trip, having fun! We hope you and your family enjoy our beach but, please keep our beaches clean.

Talk to you soon, Friends!

Brandon C.