When planning a vacation for you and your family, don’t forget about your four-legged friends! When deciding on a location to visit, always keep your animals in mind. There are many options you may have when traveling such as, boarding, dog-sitters, family, friends but, what better way to vacation with your animals that love you dearly?! I’ve came up with a few tips that you may use to make sure your animals stay safe each and every long-distance ride.

  1. Buckle Up

As drivers and passengers in a vehicle, we are required to buckle up, right? Why not buckle your pet as well? There are many harnesses available at your local pet store meant for easy clip-in. There are many ways you can choose to secure your animal, specifically dogs, in the car including harnesses, crates and more. Try these options for yourself and find what works for you and your friend so you can all travel safely.

  1. Let’s Be Cool

On a hot summer day, what is the first thing you do when getting in the vehicle? Turn the AC up all the way, right? To make sure your furry co-pilot is comfortable during your ride, keep the AC on at all time when inside the car. Pets easily overheat easily!

  1. Roll Down the Windows

Do you ever drive around town with your dog, windows down, seeing the big smiles and floppy ears in the wind? They love it! *Important* NEVER leave your dog in the car on a hot day even if it is just for a minute; You don’t want your baby to overheat!


  1. Let’s Take a Break

When traveling long distances, be sure to plan plenty of stops along your route. He/she will need to stretch their legs, grab a quick drink and bite to eat, and use the bathroom. Here’s an idea, use these quick stops to play a game of fetch and take a walk to help calm the nerves your dog may have. Running around will allow them to release any built-up energy to relax until the next planned stop.

I hope you these tips help when traveling with your furry friends. If you are traveling in the near future, travel safe and enjoy! If you’re visiting us out at Port Royal, make sure to say hello!

Talk to you soon, friends!

-Brandon C.