5 Awesome Hugs for National Hug Holiday

A hug can express love, appreciation, friendship, or simply serve as a way to brighten up someone’s day.  National Hug Holiday was created to remind people to give an extra special hug to those in need of it most.  Whether someone is having a bad day, is sick, lonely or sad, one simple hug can bring love and warmth into their day.  In honor of National Hug Holiday Day, here are our top five favorite hugs of all time.  What’s your favorite hug?


The Shoulder Pillow Hug



The one when a man and woman are in love and the she romantically rests her head upon his shoulder.


The I-Can’t-Wait-to-Meet-You Hug 


The perfect us only mothers truly understand.


The She-Said-Yes Hug


The one when a man hug-spins his bride-to-be around in an everlasting circle.


The Sisterhood Hug

shutterstock_267989810The one you only share with your most amazing gal pals on a much needed ladies only weekend getaway.


The Let’s-Be-Eskimo Hug

shutterstock_247911775The one when lovers show affection by pressing the tip of their noses together.


The Dog Lover Hug

shutterstock_281185490The one us dog lovers often share with our furry family.


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