What Your Sunnies Say About You (As a Guest)

While on a beach getaway, sunglasses are a crucial accessory.  They don’t just protect your eyes from the sun – they add personality to your wardrobe!  Here are our top five favorite styles and what we think they say about you as a guest.  Left your favorite sunnies at home?  Fret not, we’ve got a wide selection at our on site Port Store – be sure to check them out and find your personal style!



You’re feminine, sophisticated, and a bit of a fashionista.  We’re likely to spot you sipping on champagne at our Sunday brunch or seen booking an in-condo Swedish massage at the front desk.  Très chic!



You fly a plane, or not (doesn’t matter, you’re on vacation!) and you’re ready to unwind by soaking up some serious rays.  Poolside.  We’re likely to spot you boozing around our swim up bar area or lounging in one of our cabanas with friends.  Cheers!



You’re unique, unpredictable, and love all things French.  We’re likely to spot you sipping on a cappuccino from our Bistro while sampling a variety of desserts or en route to catch a Saturday Yoga class.



You love hiking, water sports, golf, and basically anything that’ll keep you outdoors. We’re likely to spot you doing backstrokes in the ocean, playing a game of volleyball with friends, or teaching a little one how to throw a frisbee on the beach.



You’re adorable, scrumptious, and you’re our favorite type of guest.  We’re likely to spot you building sandcastles with mom and dad on Saturdays or splashing around “The Royal Reef” while making new friends!


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