Hi, Friends!

Across the United States, Labor Day Weekend is the much-cherished three-day weekend that marks the end of summer. Labor Day celebrates and honors the working people of the United States, with origins in the 1880’s.

The national holiday allows us to take a break, forget about deadlines and meetings and to-do lists, and have a bit of fun. Here are a few recommendations on how to spend your long weekend in Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi Hooks Baseball

Gather your family and friends and join The Corpus Christi Hooks Baseball team as they take on the Tulsa Drillers for a fun-filled day of baseball at Whataburger.

Labor Day Sunday Party

Join the Pelican Lounge on the island for a night of live music, ice-cold beverages and, best of all, free cover! Sit back and relax to the sound of Diamond’s Edge!

Weekend Family Beach Day

All Aboard on the beach express! Call the family, friends, and kiddos and plan a sun-filled beach day. Enjoy the rays, beautiful beaches on Port Aransas, North Beach or Mustang Island beaches with those who mean the most to you. Bring the BBQ pit, cooler, and games to create memories to last a lifetime.

Take a Breather

For those of you thinking, “I have a day off… All I want to do is sleep.” That is perfectly okay! Remember, Labor Day, is your day.

No one deserves a break more than you do. And aside from BBQs and a bid farewell to summer, Labor Day is when we celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers, hard workers like you.

I am giving you the “OK” to sleep in without feeling guilty. Let’s go for a solid 10 hours of sleep on Sunday. Here’s a tip: Don’t set your alarm clock. Allow yourself to sleep in as late as you need to.

Take a few moments to reflect on your small business this past year. NOTE: This is the only time on Monday that I am recommending you think about work. Reflect on all of your successes and be proud of what you’ve accomplished! Taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture will help you refocus on what is truly important in business and life.

Taking a day or two to recharge your batteries will help you return to work refreshed and refocused. Sometimes, all it takes is a clear mind to tackle a lingering problem and supercharge your productivity or envision your future success.

I hope you will consider doing one if not all of the above this Labor Day. Regardless of your plans, take a moment to acknowledge what you have accomplished this past year.

Talk to you soon, Friends!

-Brandon C.