Team Training – Week 5: Personal Excellence

Week 5 of Port Royal University has brought everything we have learned in the last few weeks together to close off our personal excellence chapter with help from Charlie’s Place and our very own General Manager, Kendra Kinnison. 

This week representatives from Charlie’s Place came in and shared some great information on maintaining a healthy life balance in all around including: physical environment, career, money, health, friends and family, significant other, personal growth and learning, and leisure. This visit really brought together our last few weeks and allowed us to close our Personal Excellence chapter. 

After great information from Charlie’s Place, our General Manager, Kendra Kinnison took on the floor and gave our team some useful tips to help kickstart individual personal excellence goals. She shared tips that have been proven to work such as tackling one goal at a time, starting small habits that lead to completing your goal, and even cautioned the team not to get overwhelmed and give up. 

Thank you to Patty Dotty, Amy Rhoads Granberry, and the entire Charlie’s Place team for taking time this week to share insights and perspectives with our team!