Team Training: Week 4

Week 4 of the Port Royal University Team Training Program was definitely a blast with award-winning television personality, Liza Wisner!

Liza, works directly with individuals and executive leadership of many organizations to help drive their financial success. Her responsibilities include overseeing program launches, leadership coaching, and developing growth strategies as well as the management of business life-cycles.

Throughout the training, Liza, shared her personal and professional experience on goal-setting. Team members were able to learn that goal-setting takes actions from seeing your goal to having a champion to learning all about time management. Team members also learned to look for their “Why?” and how to apply it on a professional level at Port Royal, as taught by Simon Sinek.

Later in the day, team members were asked to analyze and expand their previously set goals. This meant digging deep and giving themselves affirmations, timelines, and truly being specific. 

We’d like to send a huge Thank You to Liza Wisner and her team for taking time off their busy schedules to share their knowledge with the team!