Jeanie’s adventure to Horses on the Beach

Yipee ki-yay! Jeanie is at it again for another adventure. She made a stop at Horses on the Beach on Padre Island to get a real cowgirl experience! She brought along her friends Mariah and Chelsea to share in the magic of riding horses on the beach. When you arrive the first thing you will see is the beautiful landscape of the dunes and all the horses grazing in the pasture or getting saddled up for a ride. The ladies were greeted with friendly faces and warm smiles. The staff was all very knowledgeable and thorough while explaining the property and the horses the girls would be riding. The manager, Brennan Wells, personally met them and made them feel very welcome. He is very passionate about what he does and it shows in the way he runs his property.

Mariah and Chelsea mounted up on Cupid and Roman to take a walk through the dunes down to the beach. Their guide Phelan took the ride with them to show them the ropes. She was outgoing and fun and all the girls had a blast! There they met Jeanie to walk down by the water while enjoying the afternoon view of the Gulf Coast. Everyone was all smiles and laughter as they enjoyed the calm ocean and the playful horses. After some fun in the water and long walk the ladies headed back to the stables to cool off.

After they were done with their trail ride they found the petting zoo that they also offer on property. They had everything from goats, chickens, pigs, and even mini ponies! Even if you aren’t ready to hop on a horse you can enjoy the other farm animals that live there.

Everyone had an amazing experience at the ranch! The horses are all well taken care of and well trained. The staff and managers were great and made sure everyone was safe and happy! This is a great way to explore the beaches in a different way. Why walk the beaches when you can ride in to the sunset with Horses on the Beach!

Be sure to stop by and talk to Jeanie about her experience and book your trip today during your stay at Port Royal.

For more information about Horses on the Beach visit their website.

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