5 Road Trip Hacks!




It’s time to get on the road for a trip to Port Royal for a fun-filled family vacation! The question you have to ask is how to make this car ride better for everyone? Here we are going to share some road trip hacks to make your trip family friendly and keep everyone happy!


  1. You always want kids drinks to stay in their cups during car rides. In case you get stuck without the proper kid cups we have a perfect replacement. Bring some Glad press and seal to put over any cup and instantly make it a spill proof cup.
  2. Keeping coloring supplies and crayons all together in the car can be a challenge. Most of them end up in between car seats. To fix that take an old DVD box and make it into a coloring case!
  3. Snacks are a necessity for any trip with the kids! Make it easy to stock and carry all the snacks by putting them into a jewelry organizer. This makes it easy for kids to grab what they need and keep the mess to a minimum.
  4. If you have kids that get antsy during car rides try this trick. Sticky note time tabs. Make the intervals for each hour or half hour during the trip. When that time hits have a little goodie bag of treats and activities to hand out to the kids. This way they get to enjoy their activity until the next interval hits. Before you know it you will be at your destination and kids will be relaxed and happy!
  5. Redbox movies will be your best friend! You can rent some movies for the kiddos and drop them off at any location along the way. This will give the kids something to watch and you can drop off the movies at the many Redbox locations along the way!



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