Attention all workout enthusiast and/or nature activist! What better way to start your morning than a nice scenic stroll through downtown Corpus Christi? If you’re anything like me, a nice morning workout gets my blood flowing! It’s time to pull your favorite pair of tennis-shoes from under the bed and take in the breath-taking views of Corpus Christi! Do I have your attention now? Then the Marina Art District’s Bridge Walk on the Harbor Bridge is an event you do not want to miss!

Once a month, tourist and locals join together to see Corpus Christi’s famous attractions. Here you will find Corpus Christi’s downtown skyline in a different perspective.

When and Where

The Corpus Christi Bridge Walk starts at 8:30am on the Sunday following the First Friday Art Walk. Grab your shoes, water bottle, and towel and head over to Heritage Park at 8:00am. But before you join, please fill out the event’s waiver!

However, if heights are not your thing, you have the option to take the Bay Route! The Bay Route is a more relaxing walk that provides amazing views. Bring your kids, strollers, and pets for this walk! This route also starts at Heritage Park but then moves toward the Water Gardens before reaching Shoreline Boulevard.

After Your Walk

Once your complete your desired route, meet back at Heritage Park where you can join a fitness class, which most are free! Yes, FREE!

Now What

I challenge you to join me for the next Corpus Christi BridgeWalk on Feburary 3rd at 8:00am, located at Heritage Park! Look for the #PortRoyalStrong royal blue t-shirts and accompany our team for a relaxing morning stroll across Downtown Corpus Christi.

Talk to you soon, Friends!

-Brandon C.