Inspired by Gary P. Nunn’s song What I Like About Texas the TTIA and a few partners have taken on a social media wide campaign using #WhatILikeAboutTexas. This campaign allows anyone in Texas showcase the uniqueness that our state has to offer from the Largest Resort Pool in Texas at Port Royal Ocean Resort to Enchanted Rock to your favorite BBQ joint. It doesn’t matter what part of Texas you’re from tell the world what you like about Texas using #WhatILikeAboutTexas. There’s are so many hidden jewels in our beautiful state that are yet to be discovered by the rest of us.

Don’t be surprised if you see Gary P. Nunn promoting #WhatILikeAboutTexas. A campaign this big couldn’t of been done without the help of this legendary Texas Country musician. Gary P. Nunn is all in and he is definitely telling the world that Port Royal is one of the things he likes about Texas.