Great Beach Day Food Ideas!

When it comes to a great day on the beach with the family there are a few essentials you need. Of course you need lots of sunscreen for the everyone. Then you need to make sure to have lots of water for everyone to drink to stay hydrated in the hot sun. The next question is what to bring for an easy and delicious lunch for everyone. We have put together some food ideas that will be good for everyone and easy to eat while at the beach.

1. Wraps – They are easy to make and you can eat them with one hand which makes it even better for a quick bite on the beach


2. Fried Chicken – There is nothing better than fried chicken except cold fried chicken the next day! It also doesn’t hurt when you are enjoying your next day chicken at the beach!


3.Whole fruit- refreshing fruit is great for a hot summer day but sandy fingers in a fruit cup are not! So try bringing whole fruit like apples, peaches, nectarine, and grapes


4.Pasta Salad – Always a staple for any outdoor summer event and holds up really well being at the beach all day. There are tons of salads to make that everyone will enjoy.


These great food choices are sure to be a hit with the whole family during the beach day! Call Port Royal Ocean Resort today at 800.242.1034 to book your next stay!  Limited availability.  Remember to like us on Facebook and subscribe to our email list to receive special members only deals to save on your next stay!

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