7 Tips for an Amazing Day at the Beach!


There is nothing better than enjoying a beautiful day on the beach. The sun and the sand and the sound of the waves are a great way to relax. There is something for everyone in the family to do and spend time together as well! Here at our resort we have the option of hanging out by the pool or lounging on the beach. When everyone is pumped up for a great vacation you don’t want the little things to become a big deal. So we have pulled together some great beach day tips to help solve some of these problems!


  • Bring baby powder with you to the beach. Before you get back into your car or condo pour some on your feet and the sand falls right off!
  • Have the family bring matching towels to put on beach chairs or resort chairs. This will make it easy to spot your families stuff.
  • When packing your cooler put your drinks in first, then the ice on top. Cold air travels down so this will ensure cool drinks!
  • You can still get burnt when it’s cloudy! If you can hold your hand over your arm and cast a shadow that means you are still getting UV rays. Make sure to keep up with the sunscreen!
  • If you do happen to get a burn you can seep some tea bags and soak a towel or shirt in the tea. Then apply this to your sunburn for a soothing relief.
  • If the kids get water in their ears a good fix is having them blow up a deflated balloon. This helps clear the clog and makes for much happier children!
  • If you happen to drive to the beach there is a simple steering wheel trick. Turn your wheel all the way before you park. This will keep the top of the wheel cool when you get back in so you don’t fry your fingers!


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