Let’s face it – there’s something timeless and magical about being on a beach with the one you love. Don’t wait until it’s Valentine’s Day to share your affection with your significant other. It’s important to make time for the loves in your life today and everyday. From the lulling sounds of the crashing waves to the soft, cool sand under your toes, there’s no better place than the beach to plan a romantic, budget-friendly date for two. Here are the five best tips to help you get started on planning a beach date!

  1. After dinner, before sunset.
    Often times people will suggest a romantic daytime picnic on the beach. Although we do agree this is a thoughtful date idea, a picnic on the beach can quickly become more cumbersome than romantic. Why not plan an evening dinner date before heading to the beach? Way more romantic and a lot less stuff you’ll have to carry around with you. We’d suggest planning a walk on the beach about an hour before sunset so you’ll really have time to enjoy a nice, long walk on the beach before sitting down to watch the sunset.
  2. Hold hands.
    The beach is so vast. The ocean, endless. There’s something powerfully bonding about two souls unified walking hand in hand. It doesn’t matter who grabs who’s hand first. The important part is that you hold hands and stay together and fully take in the moment.
  3. Pack a blanket.
    Whether you’re planning to use it to sit on or to huddle under to stay warm, bringing a blanket is always a good idea. Always.
  4. Meaningful one-on-one conversation.
    Every day we are bombarded with new information through our mobile phones, TVs and internet. So much news about what’s going on around us and in the lives of the people we know can distract us from the people who matter most to us. Take a moment to have a meaningful conversation. One that will only be heard by only yourselves and the ocean.
  5. Get your feet wet.
    So much about experiencing the beach is feeling the soft, cool sand under your toes and the crashing of the waves gently hitting your feet. It’s time to roll up those pants and get those feet wet.

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