Episode 13 – Return

This past week, we welcomed our first groups since Hurricane Harvey. This week, we checked in with some of our team to see how they feel about being back on...

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Episode 12 – Restart

This week, we welcomed our first guests to our property and Kendra Kinnison talks with David Vinson briefly about our journey....

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Episode 11 – Progress

This week, Kendra Kinnison and David Vinson go over some more details of the progress and share clips of our teams getting ready for our first guests....

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Episode 10 – Progress

This week, Port Royal General Manager Kendra Kinnison meets with David Vinson from Amtech to discuss more property improvements....

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Episode 9 – Progress

In this video - we meet with David Vinson with Amtech Solutions to go over some of the big projects going on at Port Royal....

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